Close to the border, between the provinces of Mendoza and San Juan, is growing Granadas de los Andes first farm. At the heart of Campogrande del Acequion, a 57,000 hectares agricultural development, with its main entrance on the kilometer 3380 of the historic National Route 40, our property is strategically located, over suitable soils for development of high international competitiveness of crops such as olives, walnuts, grapes ... and pomegranates.
Logistics and local climate conditions are optimum for this crop. The farm is located equidistant and accessible both ports of Buenos Aires to the Atlantic Ocean's exit, and Valparaiso as gateway to the markets that can be reached through the Pacific Ocean.
It also is a few kilometers far from the international airports of Mendoza (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile) as well as a few kilometers from the spot Retamito, the only active rail corridor in the province. See Map
With the Andes as imposing and 700 meters over the sea level, the climate in the region is umbeatable because it does not expose the crop to severe frosts during winter.
Because the conditions of the soil, the availability of hydro resources in depth, agrometeorological conditions and ease of access,  Campogrande del Acequion make the place ideal for pomegranate production.